Our Missionaries

The Ross Family

Justin went on his very first mission trip to Panama in 1993, and his heart and life were forever changed. Since then, he has felt a strong calling on his life to be a part of international missions and to mobilize other believers to get involved in eternal work for the Kingdom of God. Over the past 21 years, he has trained or led over 1,300 missionaries to more than fifteen countries. In 2009, Justin and his wife, Ashley, served as full time missionaries in San Pedro Sula for 15 months, and during this time the organization now called Sparrow Missions was formed.

In May of 2013, Justin and Ashley moved back to San Pedro Sula, where they currently live and serve as full-time missionaries. Justin oversees the daily ministry taking place in the city and is responsible for training and leading local staff members. Ashley actively leads the women’s discipleship ministry, while also managing and coordinating short-term mission teams who are staying at the ministry house.

Justin and Ashley are also in the process of adopting two little additions to their family. Aaron and Graciela are two beautiful twins who Ashley and Justin welcomed into their family at birth!

The Bowman Family

After serving on a short term trip to Honduras in 2010 and witnessing firsthand the plight of abandoned children in the country, we felt a strong call to help in whatever way God may direct us.  Not long after opening our home as a foster family in Kentucky, we were approached with the opportunity to become directors of the Sparrow Children’s Home and provide abandoned children in Honduras the opportunity to grow up in a family rather than an institution.  We accepted the call, along with our daughters Tara and Ella, and made Honduras our home in June of 2014.

Just two weeks after moving onto the property of the Sparrow Children’s Home in 2015, we were blessed to welcome our first two babies into our home to become part of our family, and were blessed with two more in July of that same year.  Besides raising these precious children, we currently work with other ministries in our community as well.  I work with an elderly assisted living community in Tela on a weekly basis as well as handling the day to day operations of the Children’s Home.  Roxanne leads a weekly women’s Bible study for our community, and also helps out with the sewing clinic on site.  Roxanne has a PhD in Pediatric Nursing and will be opening a medical clinic on site for people in our community very soon as well.

We ask for continued prayer as we care for the four children God has blessed us with and the daily challenges that come along with that calling.  Pray that we be intentional with times of rest as well as wisdom concerning continued opportunities to serve as we become more invested in our community.  Finally, as always, we ask prayer for our two precious daughters, Tara (13) and Ella (10), as they continue to adjust to life here.  Even after three years in country, it is still a struggle sometimes as they miss family and friends, and life is just a little more difficult living in the Honduran countryside.

The Weeks Family

Chris & Alishia Weeks are the Directors at The Sparrow Children’s Home. Chris & Alishia have served in Honduras with Sparrow since December 2014. They have 4 children in their house: Baby Micah and their 3 foster children K, B, and A who have lived with them since January 2016.

Chris & Alishia are also very involved in community outreach in their town of Santiago. Alishia teaches English at the local public school and helps lead a sewing clinic for the community every Wednesday. God is doing amazing things in Santiago, and Chris & Alishia feel blessed to be a part of it. Chris also works with Ministerio Vida in Tela. It’s a men’s rehabilitation center where he teaches Celebrate Recovery classes and welding and carpentry. They pray God continues to lead them daily to minister wherever He calls.

The Harris Family

In 2001, when we were dating, we traveled to Uganda for our first missions trip together. Our hearts were simultaneously captured and we knew that one day international missions would be our future. Throughout the next 15+ years, “the missions talk” would resurface, but the timing was always wrong. In 2013, we were part of a youth trip to San Pedro Sula. During that trip, we both felt a renewed passion and a deep love for this country. Over the next few years, we returned numerous times and brought our kids as well. Our hearts were stirring and we longed to be part of what God was doing in the country and people we treasured. Long story short – this path led us to become part of Sparrow Missions. We truly believe that NOT one is forgotten by God. We are thrilled to have a front row seat in all that God is doing here in Honduras. We value short-term missions, practical ministry, and discipleship. We are blessed to partner with the Schwarting family as we seek to fulfill the Great Commission.

Currently, we are attending language school in Siguatepeque. It has been an awesome experience and a needed time of transition for our family. School is tough, but we know that our time in classes is a lasting investment in our ministry. After school, our family will join the Schwartings in San Pedro Sula. In June, we are kicking off our summer internship/gap year program, SPRW504. Students who attend will experience day-to-day life as a missionary, as well as receive intensive discipleship, language-learning and TEFL certification. Our program will work alongside the many facets of Sparrow Missions. We will also seek to enhance vocational and life skills programs for children, teens and adults in the community.

Prayer Requests: Our family – Pray for our marriage and our children as we continue to transition and settle. Our schooling – Pray that we would finish well! Our ministry – Pray for our students, our planning, and all of the major and minor details.

Leah Gruneisen

Hi, Tia Leah here! I’m going to do my best to keep this short but God’s been so evident in my call to missions that it’s hard not to share all the details.

So in 2010 I first traveled to Honduras on a spring break mission trip to Tegucigalpa, Honduras (the capital). After that first visit I felt a special place in my heart for this country and tried to come back to visit for quite some time. It wasn’t until my last year of college in 2015 that I was able to visit once again and met a lady on the plane who was teaching at the International School in Tegucigalpa. Low and behold when I got back to my college the recruiter for that school in Tegucigalpa was at my university. God can be so clear and direct.

I accepted a 2 year teaching position at the International School teaching 4th grade. I loved the community and kids and serving in Honduras. But during my 2nd year I began to feel a tug to pursue other avenues as I watched two of my friends leave teaching for missions. It took a lot of searching and prayer to discern where God wanted me. For awhile I thought I had found the perfect place but thankfully God protected me and guided me to Sparrow Missions instead. Again God had it all planned out. I helped serve at the HFMM retreat in February of 2017 and while I was there I volunteered with the babies area. This is where I met the Bowman’s foster kids and fell in love. Fast forward to my 2nd visit of the Sparrow Village and I’ll never forget B calling me Tia Leah or Aunt Leah for the first time. It was in that moment I knew I wanted to be a part of missions full time and specifically serve in Sparrow Missions.

So in June of 2018 I officially came back and have been serving as Tia Leah at the Sparrow Village. I help where I’m needed especially with the kids on the property as well as in the community. I help others do their jobs well by taking care of their kids. I’m an extra pair of hands or taxi even (my car’s nickname is Taxi because I take people everywhere) when it’s needed.  For example, when we have sewing clinic I help occupy the kids or hold babies so the moms can work. In 2019 I opened up a library/tutor center for the kids and adults in the community. I am providing typing classes and assistance to homework, basically empowering this community and giving them the means to continue in their schooling or find better jobs since most simply don’t have the means (computer skills, schooling, internet etc) not that they aren’t capable.

I’m excited to see how God continues to grow my passion for serving Him and all the doors He will open. I’ve been so blessed by God and continually want to share that love with others. Thank you for your support so that I may serve Him well. You’re part of this beautiful journey. God bless.

The Camp Family

A calling deferred for 20 years has finally come to pass. Meg’s heart for Latin America has been growing since her first short term trip to Mexico in 1997. The Lord knew she wasn’t ready to return to Bolivia when she met Dave and fell in love. The call to full time missions resurfaced with an undeniable clarity in 2014 with Meg’s first short term trip with Sparrow, and culminated in 2018 when the whole family moved to Honduras! 

Dave is continuing his teaching career in Honduras working full time as an English teacher for 11th and 12th grade students at a bilingual school. All three children (Rosemary, Naomi, and Ben) attend there as well. They are getting a great education, but also see it as a mission field. They are working hard to learn Spanish and shine the light of Christ into the dark places in their school. 

Meg spends as much time as possible in the Bordos building relationships with the women there. They are walking together towards Jesus through time in the Word, and reaching out to their neighbors at the nearby nursing home, Asilo.

The Glover Family

Our family first fell in love with missions through trips in the USA with our church (Raleigh Road Baptist) in Wilson, North Carolina. Traveling on mission each summer  for six years from Louisiana to Vermont, we were pushed out of our comfort zone and learned how to serve with all kinds of people. We had no idea God was using these trips to prepare us to step out even further. In 2014, we heard through some friends what Sparrow Missions was doing and set out for our first trip to Honduras. Once we saw how Sparrow was working to make disciples through sharing the hope of Jesus with those forgotten by the world, coming back was not an option. From 2015-2018, we were able to lead multiple short term teams from our church to work with Sparrow. It was during those trips that God continued to break our hearts for the people of Honduras and confirm that we needed to take the next step. In January of 2019 with support from our church, family and friends, we moved from North Carolina to San Pedro Sula and continue to be amazed at how God has prepared the way and constantly provides  for our needs. Our son Jacob came with us to do ministry while taking college classes online. Our daughter Laney is completing her Elementary Education/ESL/Spanish degree at UNCW and travels to Honduras several times a year to serve with us. We miss many things about North Carolina and are so blessed to travel back as often as possible to see our parents, siblings and friends. The primary focus of our ministry is the community of Corosa where we help lead and support discipleship groups of all ages and just spend time sharing the love of Jesus. God is moving through believers in this community and we can’t wait to see what he does next! We are also blessed to support the kids ministry in the Bordos, help with short term teams and any other opportunities God brings through Sparrow Missions. Our heart’s desire is to be obedient to Matthew 28:19 by sharing the amazing love of God that we have experienced with all people, especially those forgotten by the world.