Age: 16

Grade: 7th

Birthday: September 17, 2002

Current Needs:

Shoe size- 6
Pants – 14
Shirt – 14

About Erick

Erick Armando Rodriguez is a sharp young man who joined our program in 2015.  He is one of five siblings who live in the Bordos with their single mother. He and his brothers work hard to help their mother, who tries to support their family by selling corn tortillas in the Bordos.  Erick has a big smile and a personality that is full of joy and hope.  His favorite color is Honduras blue (or maybe it’s Kentucky blue?) and he loves to play soccer with his friends.  Fried chicken with a ice cold coke is his favorite meal.  At school, he enjoys learning math and getting to spend time with friends.

Siblings:  Madeline (older sister), Delmer and Santos (older brothers), and Naslin (younger sister).