Our Staff

Chris and Alishia Weeks joined Sparrow Missions in January of 2015.  After language training, they transitioned to Santiago as our second set of long-term missionaries at the Children’s Home.  They officially welcomed children into their cabana in January of 2016, when three energetic siblings joined them on this jouney!

In 2019 Chris and Alishia stepped into the roll as our Sparrow Village Directors. Chris also serves as our director of the Sparrow House, a rehabilitation center for men who are struggling with addition of drugs and alcohol. Alishia serves in the community weekly helping the ladies of the sewing clinic.

Prior to joining Sparrow Missions, Chris and Alishia served as Children’s Pastors at Anderson Christian Church in Lawrenceburg, KY. Alishia, who currently teaches English at one of the public schools in Santiago, also spent time teaching at the Frankfort Christian Academy. Chris is quite the handy man, with experience finishing cabanas, building chicken coups, and teaching carpentry skills to men at a local rehab center called Ministerio Vida!  

Hi, Tia Leah here! I’m going to do my best to keep this short but God’s been so evident in my call to missions that it’s hard not to share all the details.

So in 2010 I first traveled to Honduras on a spring break mission trip to Tegucigalpa, Honduras (the capital). After that first visit I felt a special place in my heart for this country and tried to come back to visit for quite some time. It wasn’t until my last year of college in 2015 that I was able to visit once again and met a lady on the plane who was teaching at the International School in Tegucigalpa. Low and behold when I got back to my college the recruiter for that school in Tegucigalpa was at my university. God can be so clear and direct.

I accepted a 2 year teaching position at the International School teaching 4th grade. I loved the community and kids and serving in Honduras. But during my 2nd year I began to feel a tug to pursue other avenues as I watched two of my friends leave teaching for missions. It took a lot of searching and prayer to discern where God wanted me. For awhile I thought I had found the perfect place but thankfully God protected me and guided me to Sparrow Missions instead. Again God had it all planned out. I helped serve at the HFMM retreat in February of 2017 and while I was there I volunteered with the babies area. This is where I met the Bowman’s foster kids and fell in love. Fast forward to my 2nd visit of the Sparrow Village and I’ll never forget B calling me Tia Leah or Aunt Leah for the first time. It was in that moment I knew I wanted to be a part of missions full time and specifically serve in Sparrow Missions.

So in June of 2018 I officially came back and have been serving as Tia Leah at the Sparrow Village. I help where I’m needed especially with the kids on the property as well as in the community. I help others do their jobs well by taking care of their kids. I’m an extra pair of hands or taxi even (my car’s nickname is Taxi because I take people everywhere) when it’s needed.  For example, when we have sewing clinic I help occupy the kids or hold babies so the moms can work. In 2019 I opened up a library/tutor center for the kids and adults in the community. I am providing typing classes and assistance to homework, basically empowering this community and giving them the means to continue in their schooling or find better jobs since most simply don’t have the means (computer skills, schooling, internet etc) not that they aren’t capable.

I’m excited to see how God continues to grow my passion for serving Him and all the doors He will open. I’ve been so blessed by God and continually want to share that love with others. Thank you for your support so that I may serve Him well. You’re part of this beautiful journey. God bless.