Elias Mejia

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Age: 12
Birthday: 05/28/2010
Grade: 7th
Family Background:

Elias is 12 and in the 7th grade. His sisters, Norma Yasmin and Norma Sulay, are also in the 7th grade at the Sparrow Academy.

Special Info:

In Elias’s family, everyone was done studying by 6th grade because 7th grade was in another school further away, and they didn’t have the resources to send their children. Elias just finished 6th grade, and then they moved to Rancho Bonito. but before this, Elias became ill, and his sisters decided to devote themselves to taking care of him and helping provide for the family and his medical care. He is better now, and they now live in Rancho Bonito and have access to school, so all three siblings are in 7th grade together. They are an incredibly united family excited for the opportunity to continue their studies.

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