Jeilin Nahomy Fernandez

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Age: 10
Birthday: 12/25/2011
Grade: 6th
Family Background:

Jeilin Nahomy likes to go by Nahomy. She lives with her mom, dad, 1 sister and 3 brothers. Her mom and dad both work at Sparrow Academy as custodians. Their names are Heidy and Juan Carlos. Jeilin is the oldest of her siblings, so she almost always has a brother on her hip. She can often be found helping her parents clean after hours at school.


Special Info:

Nahomy’s favorite colors are blue and purple. She loves chicken, cooked any way, and she is obsessed with Coca Cola. When Nahomy grows up, she wants to be a teacher, but she hopes that her classes don’t have to wear masks by this time, because she wears her mask, but she really doesn’t like it. Nahomy is extremely kind and hilarious, and she is very loved.

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