Skarleth Danisa Diaz Rodriguez

$30.00 / month

Fully Sponsored!

Age: 13
Birthday: 10/18/2005
Grade: 8th
Family Background:

Skarleth, who joined our 2015 class of sponsored children, is a single child living in the Bordos with her mom and Dad.

Special Info:

Skarleth Danisa Diaz Rodriguez is a active and helpful young girl, who always wanting to do something to serve or teach others something.  Her mother works in the Bordos and sells torillas, while her father is a bricklayer and works to provide for the family.  Skarleth can often be found helping out during Children’s discipleship classes and is an excellent student.  She loves to study mathematics and calls pink her favorite color.   Her favorite animal is a rabbit and she loves to eating fried chicken with coke, and hamburgers and french fries. She wants to go into the military after school.

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