La Coroza

La Coroza

La Coroza is a beautiful rural mountain community approximately 15 miles south of San Pedro Sula. Jobs in this community are hard to find and due to the harsh environment, poverty and influence from the gangs, life can be difficult. In cooperation with a local family, Sparrow first started ministry here in 2011 which resulted in construction of a ministry shelter and continued with discipleship through mission teams several times each year. The Glover family (Chris, Stephanie, Laney and Jacob) first visited La Coroza in 2014 and continued through the years leading short term trips through Sparrow with their church in North Carolina. After spending several days helping with a medical clinic in 2017, Chris and Stephanie realized God might be calling them to a deeper level of ministry in this community. Not knowing exactly what that meant or what God was planning, Chris, Stephanie and their son Jacob relocated to Honduras in January of 2019. After meeting with the local family of community leaders, God confirmed that La Coroza should be the focus of their ministry. Thanks to God working through a local family of believers and Sparrow missionaries, weekly discipleship groups are now occurring for all ages. We praise God that he is changing hearts, making disciples and addressing physical needs through a combination of short term mission teams, partner churches and long term missionaries.

Each Sunday, women walk long distances through the mountains to come and share with each other as they learn God’s truth. We are humbled by their determination and desire to know God and follow him.
Men are often the hardest to reach and this brand new group has been a great encouragement. Men are coming to learn how to be a Godly man in a broken world.
Just starting in October of 2019, these groups will dive deeper into scripture each Thursday morning and challenge future church leaders to read the word daily and apply what they have read to their lives. It is exciting to see God raising up leaders for his future church!
Each Sunday afternoon, kids and teenagers are waiting when we arrive to worship and hear a story from the Bible. Hunger is a constant factor in this community. After a Bible lesson and game or craft, everyone is provided with a meal prepared by a local family through Sparrow and other ministry partners. It is great to know people are being fed spiritually and physically.
Teen boys and girls in Coroza have never had their own groups to study and discuss issues related to teenagers. In May of 2019, Rebecca Avila started leading the girls, Poite and Ricky started leading the boys each week. It has been incredible to see how God is using these young leaders to reach the next generation.
Jesus commanded us to Go and make disciples (Matt 28:19). Community outreach is all about going to people who may not come to a normal discipleship group or who are having hard times and just need a visit. It is always a blessing to meet people where they are and help them with spiritual and physical needs.
Clean drinking water is always and issue in this mountain community. Recently through a church donation, we were able to bless 50 families with a water filter and filtration buckets. 50 families that will no longer have to drink polluted water or spend part of their income trying to buy clean water. It’s hard to describe what this type of generosity means for this community.

Our Team

The Glovers (Chris, Steph, Laney and Jacob) are originally from Bailey, North Carolina. Chris, Stephanie and Jacob moved to Honduras in January of 2019 while their daughter Laney completes her elementary ed. degree and begins teaching in North Carolina. Realizing the deep love Christ has for us and attempting to be obedient to Matthew 28:19, Chris and Stephanie came to Honduras simply to share the love of Jesus and help people follow him. The Glovers were sent by their home church (Raleigh Road Baptist) and feel truly blessed to serve the people of Honduras.

Tomas serves as the main point of contact and ministry coordination in the La Coroza community for Sparrow Missions. He (with help from his wife Doris) also manages the weekly meal for kids/youth and any community projects through Sparrow Missions. He has a heart for God and genuinely cares for the people of La Coroza.

Beca assists the Glovers in all areas of ministry and serves Sparrow in multiple ways. She loves God, is an incredible translator, and has a heart for people – especially the teen girls at La Coroza. In her spare time, she is working on a college degree in logistics.

Luis aka “Poite” helps lead worship for children/teens and works with Ricky to lead the boys youth group at La Coroza. Poite has a deep faith in God, is always learning and loves to use soccer to spread the Gospel. Poite also helps with translating when needed and serves as Chaplain of the Sparrow Academy.

Rolan aka “Ricky” helps lead worship for children/teens and works with Poite to lead the boys youth group at La Coroza. Ricky’s energy and excitement for the Gospel is contagious. Ricky often translates for various groups and loves to have deep conversations with the younger boys at La Coroza to encourage their faith. Ricky spends most days in the Sparrow Woodshop.

Jacob has many roles and spends most of his time at the Sparrow woodshop or taking photos for Sparrow, but he always jumps in at La Coroza wherever there is a need. From acting in skits for the kids, playing soccer or serving food, Jacob’s deep quiet faith comes out through his interaction with the younger teen boys. He also helps at La Coroza with video/photography and fundraising.