Our Team


Justin went on his very first mission trip to Panama in 1993, and his heart and life were forever changed. Since then, he has felt a strong calling on his life to be a part of international missions and to mobilize other believers to get involved in eternal work for the Kingdom of God. Over the past 21 years, he has trained or led over 1,300 missionaries to more than fifteen countries. In 2009, Justin and his wife, Ashley, served as full time missionaries in San Pedro Sula for 15 months, and during this time the organization now called Sparrow Missions was formed.

Justin Ross

Executive Director

Cristian Lopez joined Sparrow Missions in January of 2013 as our Director of Honduras Operations. Cris was born and raised in San Pedro Sula and is one of three siblings. Cris loves Jesus and has a servant’s heart. He has been very instrumental in the growth of our ministries within Sparrow. We are extremely blessed to have him on our team. He leads, oversees and facilitates daily ministry within several of our ministry sites. He has a passion for the youth and loves to lead, encourage, develop and point people to Christ.

Cris graduated from college in 2017 with a degree in engineering, and also married his wife Claudia in 2017! In his spare time, he loves the game of futbol (aka soccer), reading, or spending time with his wife and his brothers in Christ from the bordos.

Cristian Lopez

Assistant Executive Director
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Brooke joined Sparrow Missions full time in January 2018 to lead the U.S. side of our organization. Brooke, who previously served summer staff over the past few years, has traveled to Honduras multiples times a year since 2013 and has a heart to see ministry take place in the lives of those often forgotten by the world. She is responsible for the day to day management of the organization and serves as the primary contact for missionaries, churches, and groups who seek to partner with Sparrow Missions. Brooke graduated May 2018 from The University of Kentucky with a degree in Hospitality Management and a minor in Business.

Brooke Allen

Director of Operations
Elena Head shot

Elena Faulkner

Director of Partner Developement
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Eric (``Beef``) serves as our Director of Short-Term Missions, now known as SparrowGO. He leads and coordinates all our short-term teams in San Pedro Sula, and works to develop and maintain long-term relationships with all of our teams to make sure that those who serve with us here remain part of the ongoing work of Sparrow Missions in Honduras. He also helps with various other ministries throughout the city including the weekly Asilo ministry which holds a special place in his heart.

Eric Bowman


Jacob works closely with all of our short-term teams through SparrowGO. He stays at the mission house with our teams to assist with any needs that may arise while they are here. When teams are not here, Jacob works in the Sparrow Carpentry Workshop helping in whatever capacity needed.

Jacob Glover

ChrisSteph (2)

The Glover's main focus is making discpiles in La Coroza, a mountain community about 30 minutes from San Pedro Sula, and reminding the people they have not been forgotten by God. Ministry in La Coroza consists of discipleship groups for all ages, community outreach, and a new church plant.

Chris & Stephanie Glover


Alishia serves as Director of Sparrow Village and works daily to help support the families on site as they care for their children. She also leads a ministry called Ministerio de Mujeres Ejemplares (Ministry of Exemplary Women) which focuses on discipling the women in the community. She leads business classes to empower the ladies to help provide for their families, and also leads bible studies and a visitation ministry to pour into the ladies of Santiago.

Alishia Weeks


Chris is the Director of Sparrow House Rehabilitacion Center, and also serves with his wife, Alishia, as Directors of the Sparrow Village. Chris is also father to his 3 foster children and biological son.

Chris Weeks

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Olguita joined our staff in 2014. She leads our weekly girls youth group and kids class. Olga helps lead the womens discipleship class in Rancho Bonito. She serves every Wednesday at the “Asilo”, an elderly assisted living home. Olguita has a servant’s heart and has a dedicated life for the Lord.

Olga Diaz


Rebeca has served as a volunteer and interpreter since 2016. She joined our staff in 2019 as a ministry assistant and girls youth group leader in La Coroza. Rebeca also helps support our Sponsor a Sparrow program, and leads our Camino Nuevo Program. She has a big heart for the youth and loves to encourage them to chase their dreams.

Rebeca Ávila


Karla has a big heart for kids. She leads kids class every Tuesday, and also leads our kindergarten tutoring program in Rancho Bonito. She a very talented young girl who loves the Lord and shares His love with everyone around her. She also serves as an interpreter for our missions teams. Karla loves to spend time serving others.

Karla Enamorado


Luis (aka “Poyte”) serves in different ministries. He is the chaplain of our Sparrow Academy, and sports ministry director. Poyte loves to lead our weekly elderly home ministry and also leads boys youth group in La Coroza. He’s a very positive and enthusiastic leader.

Luis ``Poyte`` Martinez


Irvin works part-time at our carpentry shop and also serves at the elderly home. At his young age, he has become a community leader in Rancho Bonito, and is the director of the development projects. Irvin also serves as a nurse at Sparrow Academy. He loves serving and helping people draw closer to God.

Irvin Gutierrez


Ricky works part-time in the carpentry shop. He specializes in making fretboards. During summer, Ricky serves as an interpreter for our missions teams. He loves to spend time with teams and spreads his enthusiasm and energy to those around him. He loves to sing, and every Wednesday he serves by leading worship at the elderly home. On the weekends he serves the boys youth group in the La Coroza community.

Rolan ``Ricky`` Madrid


Sindy serves at Sparrow Academy as an assistant teacher for first grade. She loves kids and every Tuesday she serves in children’s class. She also enjoys to spend time weekly at the elderly home. Sindy is going to college to be a dentist.

Sindy Enamorado


Victor works full time in the carpentry shop. He is very talented and specializes in building necks for guitars and ukuleles. Each Wednesday, he serves at the elderly home. He also leads the junior youth group in the Rancho Bonito community. He is a very patient and determined man who loves to spend time with his junior boys.

Victor Anariba


Ángel is a really hard and dedicated worker in the carpentry shop and is the manager of this program. He is really passionate about working with wood and making instruments, specifically. When it comes to building an instrument, Ángel’s main focus is to build ukuleles and guitar sides. He loves to serve the folks at the elderly home every week.

Ángel Gutierrez


William is a quiet, passionate guy in the carpentry shop. He works hard in making the tops and backs of the guitars and ukuleles, but also loves all kinds of woodcraft and carpentry. He has a big heart for the folks at the elderly home where he goes every week and loves on them.

William Pérez


Lety is a shy person, but with a big heart for the Lord. She works as a 2nd grade teacher’s assistant. Her passion is to teach small kids, and her dream is to complete her college degree in elementary education.

Leticia Enamorado