The Sparrow Academy

History and Vision

Four years ago, Sparrow Missions founded a school in San Pedro Sula with the sole purpose of providing education and discipleship to the children of the Bordos Pedregal community.  As the children’s discipleship class led by Sparrow expanded, the need and desire for education became more and more prevalent.  Sparrow began a sponsorship program in 2012 to begin sending some of the children to a local school.  However, as time passed and interest continued to grow, Sparrow saw the need to begin a school of its own solely devoted to these children and their families.  Thus, in 2015, the first school year began at the Sparrow Academy, and now four years later, we continue to see growth in numbers of children enrolled as well as in the discipleship taken place through classes, chapels, and student/faculty relationships.  These young lives are literally being transformed each and every day.


At the Sparrow Academy, our goal is “educating, training, and discipling His children”.  Our vision for the Academy is as follows:


    • Creating a school for children currently living in a San Pedro Sula Bordos community
    • Providing a high level of education and training for every child
    • Fostering an environment of discipleship focusing on teaching Biblical truth every day
    • Seeing a generational cycle of poverty broken


Sparrow actively seeks out monthly sponsors for each child enrolled at the Sparrow Academy so that the parents are able to send their children to school cost free.  For just $30 per month, assistance can be given to a family to provide tuition, uniforms and supplies needed for a child to attend school.  We ask everyone to pray about teaming up with Sparrow to sponsor one child and provide a much needed opportunity to better their future and their walk with the Lord as they are educated and discipled each day!

Watch this video and learn more about an exciting growth opportunity for the Sparrow Academy and what you can do to help.  If you would like to donate, click the button below and designate your gift as “Sparrow Academy Expansion Fundraiser”.  You can monitor the progress by checking out the gauge on the right.  Let’s see what God can do!  Thank you!!