Our Missionaries

The Ross Family

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Justin, Ashley, Aaron & Gracie

Justin went on his very first mission trip to Panama in 1993, and his heart and life were forever changed. Since then, he has felt a strong calling on his life to be a part of international missions and to mobilize other believers to get involved in eternal work for the Kingdom of God. For more than 25 years, he has trained or led thousands of missionaries to more than fifteen countries. In 2009, Justin and his wife, Ashley, served as full time missionaries in San Pedro Sula for 15 months, and during this time the organization now called Sparrow Missions was formed.


In May of 2013, Justin and Ashley moved back to San Pedro Sula, where they currently live and serve as full-time missionaries. Justin oversees the daily ministry taking place in the city and is responsible for training and leading local staff members. Ashley is involved in the women’s discipleship ministry, while also working in the counseling office and teaching at a local bilingual school where their children attend. One of their greatest blessings from God is the privilege of being the parents of boy/girl twins, Aaron and Gracie Ross, who were welcomed into their family at birth and officially adopted in June of 2018. 

The Bowman Family

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Eric (Beef), Roxanne, Tara & Ella

After serving on a number of short term teams with Sparrow Missions, Eric and Roxanne along with their two daughters accepted God’s call and moved to Honduras in June of 2014 to become the first directors of the Sparrow Village.  There they were blessed quickly with four additions to their family as they welcomed in four newborn foster children that still live with the Bowman’s today.  Currently, they are in the process of adopting all four of these precious kiddos, and are thankful for the time that God allowed them to serve the community of Santiago and alongside the staff of the Sparrow Village.


In early 2019, the Bowman’s felt God calling them to a new chapter in their service in Honduras, and their family joined the Sparrow team in San Pedro Sula.  Eric currently serves as the Director of SparrowGO, a new ministry focused on leading and discipling short-term missions teams for Sparrow Missions.  Roxanne serves as an educator in a local school where all six of the Bowman children currently are enrolled, and also, as a licensed nurse practitioner, provides medical assistance and support as needed across our organization.

The Weeks Family

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Chris, Alishia & Micah

Chris and Alishia Weeks joined the Sparrow Missions family in 2014 after several years of short-term trips. After serving for five years in Santiago, Tela at the Sparrow Village, Chris and Alishia, along with their foster and biological children, have joined the rest of Sparrow Missions’ long term missionaries in San Pedro Sula. Alishia now serves as the director of the “Sponsor a Sparrow” program and also leads women’s discipleship classes in La Coroza. Chris has taken a role in leading various construction projects with Sparrow and has also focused on Biblical teaching and discipleship in San Pedro Sula and La Coroza. God has opened many doors for their family in this phase of their ministry with Sparrow Missions in Honduras, and we are excited to see what the future holds for them.

The Harris Family

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Joey, Leslie, Brooks & BayLee

As a young couple, Joey and Leslie felt a call to long-term missions. Years passed and after one short-term trip to Honduras, we sensed a renewed passion and a deep love for the country. Long story short – that path led us to become part of Sparrow Missions. We truly believe that not ONE is forgotten by GOD (Luke 12:6).


In September 2017, we moved from Virginia to Honduras with our two kids, Brooks and BayLee. Our days are spent working, as a family, with the poorest of the poor in San Pedro Sula. We strongly value relational ministry, discipleship, education, vocational training, and church planting as we strive to walk out the greatest commandments: LOVE GOD and LOVE PEOPLE.


Currently, Joey serves as the Director of Sparrow Carpentry Workshop working alongside our luthiers and craftsmen. He also mentors a group of young men who are passionate about knowing Jesus and making Him known through discipleship and church planting. Leslie serves as the Director of Communications for Sparrow Missions and the Sponsorship Coordinator for Sparrow Academy and Camino Nuevo.

The Camp Family

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Dave, Meg, Rosemary, Naomi & Ben

A calling deferred for 20 years has finally come to pass. Meg’s heart for Latin America has been growing since her first short term trip to Mexico in 1997. The Lord knew she wasn’t ready to return to Bolivia when she met Dave and fell in love. The call to full time missions resurfaced with an undeniable clarity in 2014 with Meg’s first short term trip with Sparrow, and culminated in 2018 when the whole family moved to Honduras!


Dave is continuing his teaching career in Honduras working full time as an English teacher for 11th and 12th grade students at a bilingual school. All three children (Rosemary, Naomi, and Ben) attend there as well. They are getting a great education, but also see it as a mission field. They are working hard to learn Spanish and shine the light of Christ into the dark places in their school. Meg spends as much time as possible in the Bordos building relationships with the women there. They are walking together towards Jesus through time in the Word, and reaching out to their neighbors at the nearby nursing home, Asilo.

The Glover Family
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Chris, Stephanie, Laney & Jacob

Our family first fell in love with missions through trips in the USA with our church (Raleigh Road Baptist) in Wilson, North Carolina. Traveling on mission each summer  for six years from Louisiana to Vermont, we were pushed out of our comfort zone and learned how to serve with all kinds of people. We had no idea God was using these trips to prepare us to step out even further. In 2014, we heard through some friends what Sparrow Missions was doing and set out for our first trip to Honduras. Once we saw how Sparrow was working to make disciples through sharing the hope of Jesus with those forgotten by the world, coming back was not an option.


From 2015-2018, we were able to lead multiple short term teams from our church to work with Sparrow. It was during those trips that God continued to break our hearts for the people of Honduras and confirm that we needed to take the next step. In January of 2019 with support from our church, family and friends, we moved from North Carolina to San Pedro Sula and continue to be amazed at how God has prepared the way and constantly provides  for our needs. Our son Jacob came with us to do ministry while taking college classes online. Our daughter Laney is completing her Elementary Education/ESL/Spanish degree at UNCW and travels to Honduras several times a year to serve with us. We miss many things about North Carolina and are so blessed to travel back as often as possible to see our parents, siblings and friends.


The primary focus of our ministry is the community of Corosa where we help lead and support discipleship groups of all ages and just spend time sharing the love of Jesus. God is moving through believers in this community and we can’t wait to see what he does next! We are also blessed to support the kids ministry in the Bordos, help with short term teams and any other opportunities God brings through Sparrow Missions. Our heart’s desire is to be obedient to Matthew 28:19 by sharing the amazing love of God that we have experienced with all people, especially those forgotten by the world.