Chris and Alishia Weeks are the directors of the Sparrow Village in Santiago, Honduras. Sparrow Village is a foster care community that focuses not only on caring for vulnerable children, but also has a great focus on ministering to our surrounding community. Chris and Alishia have served in Honduras with Sparrow since December of 2014. They have 4 children in their house: Micah and their 3 foster children (K, B, and A) who have lived with them since January of 2016.

Outside of their roles as foster parents and directors of the Sparrow Village, Chris is also the Director of Sparrow House. Sparrow House is a Christ centered men’s rehabilitation center that offers wholistic treatment to men suffering from drug and alcohol addiction. They serve men from all over the country, getting them the care they need while always pointing them back to Christ. Alishia is also the Director of Ministerio de Mujeres Ejemplares. This ministry serves women in our community and shows them what it means to be a Proverbs 31 woman. Through Ministerio de Mujeres Ejemplares, women are discipled in the word and shown who Christ is. Through our 3 phase sewing classes, women learn how to sew, then later teach it to other women, and then teach in the public school. By visiting these women frequently in their own homes, and empowering them in the Word and in entrepreneurship, Ministerio de Mujeres Ejemplares is raising up a new generation of women in love with the Lord in Santiago and beyond.



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