Our History

Dec 01

The journey begins…

Justin and Ashley Ross first move to San Pedro Sula, Honduras. At the time, San Pedro Sula was known as the “the murder capital of the world.”

Jan 01

Ministry starts in the Bordos

Bible studies begin in the “Los Bordos” community, one of the most dangerous areas of the city. These meetings flourished and Sparrow grew quickly.

Jan 01

Sparrow Missions grows

Full-time staff and educational sponsorships for over a dozen students were added.

Mar 01

Sparrow Village

Sparrow Village was founded in Santiago, Honduras, to create a home focused on family-style care for orphaned children, and regional community development.

Jun 03

Bowman family arrives

Jan 01

Weeks family arrives

Feb 01

Sparrow Academy

The Sparrow Academy is established – A school founded specifically for the children in the Bordos community that is committed to Educating, Training, and Discipling the poorest of the poor.

Sep 07

Harris family arrives

Jun 01

Leah Gruneisen arrives

Jul 01

Camp family arrives

Dec 01

Sparrow House

Sparrow House, a men’s rehabilitation center located in Tela, Honduras, is added. The program offers addiction treatment through Celebrate Recovery and extensive vocational training.

Jan 01

Glover family arrives

Feb 01

La Coroza

La Coroza is an impoverished mountain community that is a new focus by the Glover family through Sparrow.