Sparrow House

Sparrow Men’s Rehabilitation Center

Sparrow House is a rehabilitation center for adult men suffering from addiction to drugs and alcohol. We are located in Tela, Honduras. The goal of Sparrow House is to reach the lost, and remind them they are not forgotten by God or His bride. Sparrow House offers a 7 month treatment program full of Discipleship, Education, and Restoration. Men at Sparrow House receive classes twice a week in Celebrate Recovery, learning the 12 steps in a Christ-centered environment. They continue to grow through fellowship in small groups, talking through their “hurts, hang ups, and habits” with their brothers in Christ.

Sparrow House also offers on-the-job training in the Sparrow House Builders Workshop. Men receive training in their field of choice and work several days a week on site. We currently offer training in carpentry, and welding. Men are discipled one-on-one in their individual workshops, while learning a viable new career and keeping their mind occupied. All funds made at the workshop go directly to our scholarship fund.

We are highly passionate at Sparrow House about introducing everyone to Jesus Christ. By introducing a man to Jesus Christ, a generational impact is made that ripples down throughout his family. Each man interned at Sparrow House must pay a small monthly fee to cover food, utilities, and hygiene products. We never turn anyone away because of money, and those that can not pay are given a scholarship for their time at Sparrow House. Scholarships are paid for by profits of the Sparrow House Builders Workshop and by generous donors who wish that every person would know that Not One is Forgotten By God.

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Our Staff

Chris Weeks is the Director of Operations of Sparrow House Rehabilitation Center, overseeing the ministry as a whole. Chris & his wife Alishia have been missionaries in Honduras with Sparrow Missions since December 2014. Outside of running the day to day operations of Sparrow House, Chris oversees our workshops where our men learn a trade and create products to sell to support the ministry. His prayer is that through Sparrow House, men will come to leave their addictions and sins behind and make Jesus the Lord of their life.

Marcos Aurelio is the leader of our men. He is one of our residents who has been with us for over a year and has rehabilitated. Marcos has been with us in the past, but the difference this time was that in March 2019, he gave his life to the Lord and was baptized. Marcos now teaches classes like Celebrate Recovery to our beginner groups and has excelled in our carpentry workshop. Marcos is originally from Tela, but lived many years in New Jersey where his family still resides. Marcos’ desire is to continue helping men who suffer from addictions and to keep growing in the Lord, to one day be a Pastor.

Marvin Perdomo has worked for Sparrow Missions for many years, primarily working for Sparrow Village maintaining the property. In 2019 Marvin joined the Sparrow House staff as our welding instructor. Marvin is an extremely talented welder, and very dedicated Christian. Marvin works with our men, showing them all the ins and outs of welding, so that they can pursue a career in it after graduating from the program. Marvin is the husband of Kenia and together they have 2 daughters.

Melany Morales is a trained psychologist who works with our men as a case manager as well as treating their psychological needs. Melany has worked with Sparrow Missions for several years treating the foster children at Sparrow Village. In 2019 she came on staff at Sparrow House to help add an extra element of care to the treatment we provide for our men. Melany actually grew up right across the street from the Sparrow Village property, where her family still lives, but now lives and works in Tela where Sparrow House is located.