Angely Michel Valle

$30.00 / month

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Age: 13
Birthday: 06/25/2008
Grade: 8th
Family Background:

Angely is a great older sister as you can always find her taking care of her two younger siblings. She lives with her mom, her stepdad, her two younger siblings, Oscar and Andrea, and her stepdad’s sister, Ana. Oscar, Andrea, and Ana are all enrolled in Sparrow Academy. Oscar is in 6th grade, Andrea is in 5th grade, and Ana is in 8th grade together with Angely.

Special Info:

Angely joined our program in 2018 to kick off her third grade year. She may be shy when you first get to know her, but once you do, you will find out how awesome of a young lady she is. Angely’s favorite activity during recess is definitely jumping rope.

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