June Children’s Home Update

June Children’s Home Update

We are very excited to share some excited updates regarding the Sparrow Missions Children’s Home!  On June 2, we welcomed Eric and Roxanne Bowman to Honduras as full time missionaries and Directors of the Home.  The Bowman’s have been busy and are currently spending time in Siguatepeque, where they will attend language school for the next several months.

While the Bowman’s were prepping for their one-way flight, we waved goodbye to a tremendous group of Kentucky-based missionaries who had kicked off several renovation projects at the Children’s Home.  In order to gain approval from the local government to operate a Children’s Home, there are several requirements and renovations that we need to make. Our hope for this small team was to get a couple started, but God continues to show us that He will send us exactly who we need.

The first project was the expansion of the current baby and toddler room.  The existing house had a great bedroom, which was surrounding by a covered porch that the team enclosed to create quite a bit more space.  An opening was created in the existing bedroom and now we have a dedicated spot for our babies to sleep, eat, and play.

New OfficeNext the team began to create a separate office space for the Children’s Home.  This is a must before we can gain approval and the team made quick work of this project.  Much like the baby room, the team developed a plan which allowed them to use a portion of the existing house.  As you see to the left, they were able to corner off a portion near the entrance of the house.  This is a great location, which has its own entrance and also allows for our staff to see visitors quickly and easily.

Lastly, the team tackled a space that we are very excited about having.  Our vision for the Home is to ministry and serve not only our children, but also the entire Medical Cliniccommunity of Santiago.  We want the community to see this as a place they can come when in need and one way we would like to do this is by offering a medical clinic.  We have to have a spot onsite for our children, but wanted to create a big enough space to host visitors or offer medical clinics when we have medical teams in country.  The property had a covered shelter just off the house, which the team enclosed to create a perfect space that looks like it has always been there!

It was a tremendous week!  We welcomed our Directors full time and watched as the Children’s Home began to be transformed!  We would be remiss if we didn’t thank the crew who worked so hard and those who continue to financially support our efforts!  It was not an easy week and we thank Capital City Christian Church for sending us Joe Gilbert, Erik Scott and Tom Scott.  They were joined by master engineer, Greg Tigges, who is a close friend to our ministry and a ninja with a hammer.  Lastly, we want to thank The Frankfort Christian Academy, who blessed us with a tremendous love offering that was unexpected, but served to help us get the Medical clinic started!  Wow, how great is God!

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