Don’t miss the little miracles.

Don’t miss the little miracles.

I’ve never once doubted that our God is an all-powerful God. A God capable of walking on water and calming the storms with a simple wave of his hand. A God that can perform so many miracles beyond compare, miracles beyond what we could ever have imagined. But personally, I feel like I’m always too focused on the big picture to pay attention to the little ways that God works in my life. Ways that I may not have expected, unusual and mysterious ways.

The Spanish language is a mountain of its own. Even after hundreds of hours of language training, countless conversations with the native Hondurans, and constant studying and practice, I still found myself tripping up on my articles, using the wrong conjugation of a verb, and so many other technical things that I had previously learned. So walking out of the white passenger van for the first time in over a year was a bit of a scary experience for me. In trips prior I had never needed to worry about translating for myself. We were blessed with amazing translators, who had great relationships with the kids and families wherever we went, and they were always willing to come lend a hand. But this past summer I knew that I could build and maintain stronger relationships with so many people, just because I was able to speak their language.

The first day back in the Bordos was quite an experience. I was instantly greeted by two beautiful, smiling faces. There was a connection almost immediately, and the three of us were nearly inseparable for the rest of my trip. It wasn’t an obvious thing at the time, but looking back on it now I realized that God had performed a small little miracle in my life. The entire time I was with those girls, it was just me and them. It was my broken Spanish combined with what seemed like their perfect Spanish. Yet somehow I was able to understand every word that came out of their mouth, and from what I could tell, they were the same way with me.



And it was in little victories like these that I was really able to see how God was working. This trip gave me a newfound confidence, and changed how I live my day to day life back home. While I may not have to speak in a foreign language with everyone that I come across, it still makes me look for the little miracles that are placed in my life everyday.  Just seeing how one small conversation made me reevaluate just about everything I do makes me so anxious and excited to see what will happen next time that God decides to place a big miracle in my life. Because He will do it again.


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