Jose Alfredo

Age: 13

Grade: 6th

Birthday: September 17, 2005

About Jose Alfredo

Jose Alfredo Aguirre Rivera is the oldest of three brothers who live in the Bordos with their single mother.  He and his younger brother, Brandon, joined our program for the 2015 school period.  Jose is a smart little guy who is learning a lot at school.  He is also a bit of a busy body and full of a lot of energy, which keeps his teachers on their toes!  His favorite color is blue (Vamos Honduras!) and his favorite sport is futbol!  His favorite meal is fried chicken with lemonade and the perfect treat would be candy mints.  His mom, Mercedes, is a member of the Sewing Life ministry and uses the opportunity sew and make items she can sale.

Siblings:  Brandon and Josue (younger brothers)