The Weeks Cabana

Grade: 4th

Current Needs:

Please email Chris ( or Alishia Weeks (  if you would like to know current needs for any of their children!

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About The Weeks Cabana

The Weeks’ Cabana is home to a energetic sibling group of three!  Miss “K”, who is 12, is the oldest of the three and full of sass and personality. Little “B”, who is 8 years old, is the middle child and can generally be found chasing a soccer ball on the property.  Baby  Brother “A” is the youngest and 6 years of age.  He is shy, but smart and loves to spend time with his big brother and friends.

The three siblings have been living on the property since January of 2016 and have a tough, but faithful story of how God brought them to our Children’s Home.  Don’t miss this opportunity to become a part of this faith story!